What's New?


Cowries...the Most Widely and Longest Used Currency in History.

See close to 30 species of Cowries and learn more about their use throughout human history by people in all pars of the world. Handle some of these shiny mollusks.


New Exhibits:

· "New Hampshire Minerals" using specimens in the Museum's new lighted mineral case.

- Renovation of Cone and Plant Gall collections and exhibits.

· "Granite" using specimens from the Museum's collection.

· "Nature as Art", an interactive new nature photo exhibit.



"Wings in the Night,"

Learn about New Hampshire bats. Why are bats dying, why are they important to us, and what can we do to prevent their loss?

Try the bat quiz at the Museum.

Get Outside!

Go on a hike or trail walk in your local area!

Observe the seasonal changes, smell the fresh air, and walk quietly.

Check this website for updates on trail development and guided trail walks. Even though you can learn about nature in the Museum, there's more to discover outside!

New Activities:

- New "touchy-feelies" inside the mystery box

- Challenging New Rocks and Minerals Quizzing Bee (for grade 4 through adult)

- Red-Winged Blackbird Puzzle for preschoolers

- New sand for making a sand collection to take home



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